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Smile With Pride.

NORTHSHORE Dental Laboratories, Inc is a full-service lab in Lynn that produces the highest-quality dental solutions in Boston and New England, using the best materials, years of expertise, and the custom care needed for today's dental practices. 
Feel at ease with a single-unit zirconia crown, denture flipper, custom titanium abutment, or even the most challenging full-arch upper and lower case you've ever seen, and know that we understand your needs with each case and the needs of your patients. We will repeat each successful case for you over and over again. 
Choosing a dental lab can be a difficult process, whether you are a seasoned prosthodontist, or just starting out. Do you want a lab that can answer your questions? That is there to speak with you when you call? Do you want a lab where you can troubleshoot hard cases? We are not a cold faceless factory, churning-out mediocre work. We are a third-generation boutique dental lab that cares about your success.  We're kind of like your practice's best friend. We got your back.
Contact us to speak with a qualified professional to determine the best custom treatment for your next patient.
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