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Our Crown & Bridge Department are masters at manipulationg gold into copings, inlay/onlays, post & core castings and full gold crowns. We also press our own e.max, process acrylic temporaries and hand-sculpt diagnostic wax-ups.

Full Gold Crowns

Gold has been used in dental restorations dating back as far as 2500 BC.  This metal has a proven track record and can last for decades in the mouth.  Full contour crowns are on the rise again, as well as Gold Inlays and Onlays.  Few restorations offer the strength, corrosion and tarnish resistance, and biocompatibility that Gold can provide.
Full Gold Crowns can be much thinner than other restorations. Conserving tooth structure is a primary concern with any restoration. Gold crowns retain their strength even when thin and are extremely durable.  They rarely chip or break.
One of the best features of Full Gold Crowns is the fast turnaround time in-lab.  A four day turnaround is typically all that is needed.
NORTHSHORE Dental’s High Noble Alloy-of-choice is made up of 77% Gold, 13% Silver, 8.5% Copper and 1% Platinum (and is also Palladium free).  This metal is a vibrant yellow gold color, it’s gentle on opposing teeth, and burnishes extremely well. We also offer white Noble and High Noble, as well as a more economical yellow High Noble.  With many options to choose from, we can produce any desired restoration.
Some artists mold with clay, we use gold. The real beauty of Full Gold Crowns comes from the craftsmanship that our technicians put into each crown. Each crown is individually sculpted by our skilled technicians to replicate the best form and function, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

We look forward to working on your next Full Gold Restoration.
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